Rules for Using Videochat

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Videochat images (public) are live therefore please adhere to the common rules of decency and avoid showing yourself nude.

Please remember that you are responsible for the images transmitted in videochat and that your IP address is registered for security purposes.

Only women can transmit video in chat.


  1. be vulgar or offensive to other girls, users, moderators or the site;
  2. flooding (posts that are too long or long lines with repeated empty script);
  3. invite users to competitors’ sites or provide value-added services;
  4. request any payments other than the ones on this site;
  5. propose personal meetings;
  6. provide your contact details online;
  7. show nudity or conduct obscene behavior in public chat;
  8. request money, recharges or other forms of payment. Credits are used as NudeInCam ShapShare ! Cam girls & Webcam girls currency;
  9. occupy cams without transmitting video;
  10. promote prostitution;
  11. sex with animals
  12. show yourself in lingerie (bra, panties, baby doll, see-through clothing)
  13. open your legs to show your panties
  14. assume vulgar positions such as licking a lollipop, ice-cream, fingers, etc. to imitate sexual acts
  15. behave in a vulgar manner in general
  16. pet yourself and/or touch your intimate parts
  17. create disturbances in chat. If you have a problem contact technical support.

You also declare that you have read and accept the terms of the service, the contract and the following policy:

  1. For the purpose of this agreement the term “girl” is the subject that, where technically allowed by the website NudeInCam ShapShare ! Cam girls & Webcam girls, interacts with the other users of the site in videochat, or sells personal pictures or items through the site for the purposes provided.
  2. For the purposes of this agreement the term “user” is the party that purchases the services provided by NudeInCam ShapShare ! Cam girls & Webcam girls according to the terms of the site, which include access to pictures, video, information and use of video software and videochat with the girls.
  3. The girl undertakes not to behave in manner that may sexually arouse any users who make such a request in videochat.
  4. The girl undertakes not to behave in a manner that may lead to a meeting or appointment with the user for personal acquaintance. The girl undertakes to remain anonymous and not to disclose personal information.
  5. The girl undertakes not to behave in a manner or upload pictures that may lead the user to believe that he is interacting with a minor. In such a case, this would constitute a criminal offence for disseminating virtual child pornography pursuant to art. 600-ter P.C.
  6. The girl undertakes not to show pictures or videos containing persons other than herself. The pictures, videos and use of the webcam must be used only by the girl indicated on registration.
  7. The girl undertakes not to break copyright laws by uploading pictures or videos she does not own. It is also forbidden to show trademarks or writing that sends users to other sites and pictures protected by copyright.
  8. All information concerning relations between NudeInCam ShapShare ! Cam girls & Webcam girls, the “girls” and the “users” are considered as "confidential information”. Also spoken information or information provided in writing by electronic means or any other means shall be considered as “confidential information”. All “confidential information” shall be kept private by the recipient and cannot be disclosed to third parties. It shall be protected with the same amount of attention and care as the recipient normally uses to protect his own confidential information and property and in any case no less than any reasonable and diligent care. The recipient shall use any “confidential information” obtained only for the purposes related to the services provided by the site NudeInCam ShapShare ! Cam girls & Webcam girls.


If these rules are violated then you can be temporarily or permanently banned depending on the seriousness of the offence.

Banning is not open to debate and can take place without prior notice.

If you witness any acts of pedophilia, racism, offers for prostitution or prostitution itself, please notify the moderator or staff.

You should immediately notify staff whenever you suspect any fraud such as clients who have many credits, who constantly recharge or any other suspicious behavior. Remember that you are responsible for the sells made through your account.

General Rules

  • It is forbidden to change nicknames or have more than one nickname;
  • Upload pictures, videos or contact details of third parties (this is a criminal offence);
  • It is mandatory to enter data for exact payment. If not, you will not receive payment;

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